Overcomming Evil

I watched with disbelief, a video of a young British Nigerian man with bloodied hands holding a knife and meat cleaver boasting and  justifying his horrific crime. He had just butchered a british soldier to death; by stabbing and hacking his body!(see Cramner). Not only am I horrified by what took place but by the boasting of the crime afterwards!

This evil that happened yesterday in London was apparently “to put right, wrongs done in Afghanistan” in the name of a false God.

I then glanced over at my opened bible the underlined words relevant to yesterday’s incident and today’s evil times. Romans 12: 9

“Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good”

We should abhor all forms of evil and cling to everything good.

This incident has already had ripples of anger and retaliation especially from the EDL last night in London. There could be more trouble ahead. But the answer is not to repay evil with evil, vengeance is the Lords! Evil only begets Evil!

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