Beautiful Little Wonders


The best thing about spring and summer is the wonderful birds that sing from the tree tops and hedgerows. It is so sweet in my ears, I never tire from it. The beautiful little birdy  sounds and colours were designed to please our ears and eyes. So it was a great joy this morning to have a glimpse of my little visitor, a blue-tit. It came by to check something out probably a creepy tucked under the roof of my shed. Though the visit was short it stopped me in my tracks as I watched the delicate little thing hover by the roof then hop onto the gate handle then flutter back up to the roof again and then fly away. I had the best view from my kitchen window. Enjoying one of the many beautiful things God created to decorate this awesome planet with.

You can pay to have your Versace, Dior, Prada etc but I know of a great designer who does it all for free and His designs are just one of a kind and He doesn’t hold back! Gods creative splendor! How can you not wonder in the detail and beauty of it?

Rom 1:19-20

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