The SIN virus….it’s deadly!

May is ME awareness month the illness that now affects me and many others and so far cannot be cured. I decided to post information about this on my Facebook page and spread the word. Bio-medical research will mean a better understanding and therefore a better chance of a cure.

Thinking on this and feeling a tad sorry for myself, I went to the bookshelf and picked up John MacArthur’s ‘Truth Endures’ book. I turned to the chapter on Hope and this is what I read:

Words of Hope

The Bible makes it clear that all people are sinners by nature and by action. In fact all people are sinners from birth. Thus all are born alienated from a holy God, who cannot look on sin and cannot fellowship with sinners. That alienation because of sin prevents us from knowing God. He is too perfectly holy to have anything to do with sinners, except to reject them.

The result of that rejection in time is godlessness and an eternity spent in hell. So this alienation into which every human being is born is a serious issue. It means everyone lives their life without God, and if they die in that condition, they will spend their eternity without God in torment.

Such a reality proves the most deadly virus in the world is not the HIV virus, it is the SIN virus. Like the HIV virus, it kills everyone it infects. Only unlike the HIV virus it infects everyone. It kills not just physically but spiritually. There is no cure for the HIV virus, but thankfully there is a cure for the SIN virus. God has made it possible for sinners to be cured so thoroughly and completely that they can be reconciled to God and have eternal fellowship in His presence.

That is the good news. There is a cure for the SIN virus! It’s called the Gospel.

I may have ME but I’ve been cured of a far more deadly virus. Thanks to God for the reminder and the cure!

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2 Responses to The SIN virus….it’s deadly!

  1. Absolutely wonderful Post!!!! Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T


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