Weakness – what is it good for?


Being chronically ill with CFS/ME has been a long slow journey for me one that I have wrestled with and resigned myself to. My main frustration is the feeling of being useless as I’m physically restricted on the amount of things I can do.  I know all through this time it has been God keeping me afloat and carrying me through but as the illness continues I wonder what do I gain from this?

Desiring Gods blog describes the purpose for weakness rather well.

Here’s the secret: the more aware you are of God’s grace, the more humble, prayerful, thankful, patient, gracious, content and joyful you will be. And you are more aware of God’s grace when you are weak than when you are strong.

God will use the strengths he has given you. He certainly used Paul’s strengths. But if it’s contentment in God that you long for, then thank God for your weaknesses. Because it is through them that you and others will really know that God’s grace is sufficient for you.

Are you content with weakness


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4 Responses to Weakness – what is it good for?

  1. Anna Popescu says:

    I am still learning how to be content with weakness, PJ, so thank you for this great reminder. I also have CFS/ME as well as FMS and daily migraines. I used to call many of my days “wasted,” but God showed me that He uses those “wasted” days for His glory too!



  2. Thanks Anna, I’m still learning this myself. I am just getting over the loss stage of my old life and accepting my new one with CFS/ME. I love passing things on that help me so glad it was helpful to you.


  3. Interesting point. I know that one of my greatest fears is being incapacitated and thus feeling ‘useless’. You’ve given me a new perspective for if and when that happens. (And we know it will happen to all of us eventually.)


    • Yes I know what you mean,we are best not thinking about what lies ahead I think that was always my problem. I am learning to trust Him one day at a time just as He made us to. His wonderful sufficient Grace is more than we could ask for to see us through. There are many people that show this in their lives and are a great inspiration to me. eg: :Ian and Larissa Thanks for your comments.


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