A New Journey

09-09-1212-03-57-06valley of dry bones

A new year already upon us and I have been challenged to read a booklet by Roy Hession called The Calvary Road, The way of personal revival. I am happy to read this as I’m sure it’s just what I need and I thought I would share it with you too.

I was only a page in when this paragraph struck me.

“Revival is not a green valley getting greener but a valley of dry bones being made to live again and for those dead bones to stand up an exceeding great army (Ezek 37).

It is not good Christians becoming better Christians: as God sees us there are not any good Christians but rather Christians honestly confessing that their Christian life is a valley of dry bones and by that very confession qualifying for the grace that flows from the Cross and that makes all things new.”

Two things that struck me as I read this that brings great hope :

1) It’s not a green valley revival comes to but a dry, dead, valley! He comes to the sick, those that recognise their need of Him.

2) In that valley of dead dry bones He brought life. He did it! nothing from us except a humble heart and the realisation of our condition.

By His grace alone, He can make all things new again what a wonderful promise! Go back to the Cross, we are His; precious, paid for by the blood of His Son.

The power of the Cross

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5 Responses to A New Journey

  1. Awesome message! We need constant revival!


  2. Peter Wiebe says:

    Amen, indeed.


  3. lucybythesea says:

    I really liked this message. Very encouraging to think that ALL are ‘Christians honestly confessing that their Christian life is a valley of dry bones’ – so the ‘respectable’ Christians with their pearl necklaces and perfect hair – they are not any more ‘spiritual’ than us!


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