The battle of Faith

We all face battles throughout our lives and at the moment I am still fighting mine!! My battle maybe physically in the body but it is also affecting me in my mind. The fear factor  grips me when symptoms persist and take over my body. Doctors continue with more tests and no apparent answers so far. Whatever our circumstances, fear is a real enemy and has to be fought with Faith, easier said than done when you’re in the thick of it. Here are a few paragraphs that explains the battle of faith very well from “A Mind at Ease”.

“I have found faith is not an easy path “Just trust the Lord” is a glib saying. Faith often has to wrestle before it rests. Faith may have to lay hold of the Lord with great cryings and tears, that He will reveal the basic cause of fear. Faith may have to cast itself in utter helplessness upon the Lord and continue in prayer and seeking His face for a prolonged period of time, before it is rewarded and fear cast out. Real faith is willing for this pathway and will find in experience the way diligently seeking Him, until the glad day dawns when it can sing with the Psalmist “I sought the Lord and He heard me and delivered me from all my fears” PS:34:4

An example of  this was a person who said, “I had no faith in His power to cope with me I only knew He was my only hope! That is faith – faith casts itself upon God as the only hope. That is the kind of faith which casts out fear.

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