The secret of rest

The best thing about spring cleaning is finding something hidden away and that’s what happened, I found a little book that was published in 1961 called ‘A mind at ease’ by M L Ashton. I think God knows what I need today for my restless mind. In this treasure I came across this lovely poem so I’m sharing it with you; may it bless you as it blessed me today.

The Blessed Secret

“Be all at rest, my soul! Oh! blessed secret

of the true life that glorifies thy Lord;

Not always does the busiest soul best serve Him,

But he who rests on His faithful word.

“Be all at rest! for rest is highest service;

To the still heart God doth His secrets tell;

Thus shall thee learn to wait, and watch and labour,

Strengthened to bear, since Christ in thee doth dwell.

Be all at rest! for rest alone becometh

The soul that casts on Him its every care;

Be all at rest! so shall thy life proclaim Him

A God who works and who hears prayer.

Be all at rest! so shall thou be an answer

To those who question ‘Who is God and where?’

For God is rest and where He dwells is stillness,

And they who dwell in Him that rest shall share.”

Freda Hanbury Allen

Be still and know that I am God Psalm 46:10

He who dwells in the shelter  of the Most High, will rest in the shadow of the Almighty  Psalm 91

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2 Responses to The secret of rest

  1. I knew that!! I am after all, author of “Be Still”!
    But seriously, the poem is wonderful and so true. I don’t have trouble sleeping, resting, or relaxing, because I know God is in charge, and all my rushing about and worrying will not change the plans He has for my life. I do my best–every day–and flow with the results; at night, I rest. (I even take the occasional nap during the day!)
    Great post! Awesome encouragement!


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