“The plain truth is, that TRIALS are one of the many means by which God sanctifies and purifies His believing people.

By them He keeps us humble.

By them He draws us to Himself.

By them He sends us to our Bibles.

By them He teaches us to pray.

By them He shows us our need of Christ.

By them He weans us from the world.

By them He prepares us for “a city which has foundations,” in which there will be no disappointments, no tears, and no sin.

It is no special mark of God’s favor when Christians have no trials. They are spiritual medicines, which poor fallen human nature absolutely needs. King Solomon’s course was one of unbroken peace and prosperity. But it may well be doubted whether this was good for his soul.”

Here upon earth we pray, and read, and fight, and struggle, and groan, and weep, and are often sorely hindered in our journey. But we ought to remember that an Almighty eye has long been upon us—and that we have been the subjects of divine provision, though we knew it not.

We should pray to be able to say, “My times are in Your hands, let it be when You will, where You will, and how You will” (Psalm 31:15).

Taken from Without clouds, J C Ryle

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