It is complete!

Charles Spurgeon:

“But here is the joy, here is the peace of Christians, that our salvation is a finished one! We have not a farthing to pay to complete the ransom of our souls. We have not a stitch to set to finish the robe of our salvation. We have not an act to perform, a prayer to offer, a tear to weep, a thought to think in order to finish the work of our redemption! I know that all these things shall be worked in us and, that by the Spirit of God we shall be made to do them — but all that shall not be with any view to the completion of our salvation — that was finished in the Person of the bleeding Lamb of Calvary!”

IT IS DONE – “Our salvation is a finished one”  not a thing to add or to be done!  We could not, we cannot for Christ our Lord has gone before us and done it all. I love reading Spurgeon’s words over again.  A great and wonderful truth what a relief that it is not up to us! Our souls are His bought with the ultimate sacrifice. A perfect man, God in the flesh. So  that no-one or no thing can come to steal  it a way. We are His. He has done it and it is complete! Praise God for the ultimate triumph the salvation of our souls.

As I heard John Piper say when the accusations of the enemy come just say to him each morning ” We don’t have to be good enough Mr Satan; Christ is our substitute, He did it for us!” Amen.

see ( Sovereignty, Substitution and Solidarity)

Calvary is the answer, the enemy is defeated!!

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.  John 8:32

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