Peverse Justice

The PM talked about bringing all those involved in the riots to justice. But what kind of justice is there for the majority of the youths involved? If it is anything  like what I’ve read  (here) then I can totally understand why these youths are so defiant . The words  “They can’t touch us”,  is true and they know it!! (here)

The ISSP; (Intensive surveillance and supervision programme) is the non-custodial sentence that many of the these young criminals will be issued in court.  A youth worker explains what the programme entails. “What they’ll actually do is spend the majority of their ‘sentence’ escorted by youth workers — whose wages are paid by the state — to gyms, adventure centres and even DJ-ing courses. Already this week, we’ve read about a group of offenders like this who were taken on a day trip to Alton Towers.

These violent youths will have their lunches bought and paid for, and even be given bus fares to attend their ‘punishment’. The surveillance element is worthless. Some offenders will be tagged and under curfew. If a tag is broken, a private security firm alerts the youth offender service, which alerts the police. In the time that takes, the offender can have carried out any number of crimes.

ISSPs are also supposed to involve community service, but often there is none at all. I know people in the Manchester Youth Offending Team who were reduced to driving offenders around for hours to fill up the time, because no community work had been arranged. Instead, the programme usually amounts to no more than enforced leisure: football and tennis on Monday, boxing and squash on Tuesday.”

The bible states in Prov 22:6 “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it” So it is no surprise that these young offenders re-offend year after year. I’m sure it must be some kind of badge of honour amongst their peers. With no boundaries, no guidance, no fear of retribution….this truly is a rebellious and lost generation.

Prov 13:24 Whoever spares the rod hates their children,
but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them. Do not spare the rod

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2 Responses to Peverse Justice

  1. This has an all too familiar ring to it. We are on the brink–if not already in the throes of–a startlingly similar circumstance. Keep up the good work; it’s all we can do.


  2. jpdaily says:

    The world is becomming a darker place, We must be the salt and light I guess.
    Thanks Charles for your comments its spurs me on. 🙂


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