Be what you are meant to be

I read these words today and it brought a smile to me because it seemed to speak directly at me. Being ill again and unable to go out or do much.  The questions skipped through my mind “why am I like this, why am I ill, is it something I have done?”  I picked up my bible and started reading Gal 5 “walking in the spirit.”  Am I  looking at my circumstances too much in the flesh? It is the flesh that worries about fleshy things such as our lives as described in  Matt 6:25-34 “Why worry about life…Be anxious for nothing” but it is the spirit that gives us peace. The flesh is opposed to the spirit.

but be what you were meant to be and can be…you are fit to do certain kinds of work, and you need a certain kind and amount of fuel, and a certain kind of handling”.             George S.Merriam                                                                                                                                                I lack energy, I definitely have to go at a slower pace. With this in mind today I will accept how I am and be what I am meant to be, nothing more nothing less and let God take care of the rest.

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2 Responses to Be what you are meant to be

  1. awesome! I like it!


  2. jpdaily says:

    Yea I thought so too! Thanks.


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