Forgiveness takes courage

The headline read. “No Hatred only forgiveness” 

This is a story I read of a family who lost their son when he was killed in a tragic car accident that could have been prevented. Their son was out drinking with a friend and on their way home they crashed after the friend lost control of the car. Unfortunately I think this must happen the world over, but the reason this story made the papers is because of the forgiveness the parents had towards their son’s friend.  The defence lawyer had said” he had never seen anything like it in 30 years.”

It is because of the response of the family that I am writing this blog also. It’s nice to read something good that you can admire and even hope to be like. This family don’t blame their son’s friend because they said their son had a choice “he too had been drinking and he chose to get into the car”. They focus on the positive things about their son to comfort and get them through their ordeal. They also support the friend who was sorry for his actions that night and that takes courage. Forgiveness is the healing balm that covers an open wound, I liken it to a natural antiseptic such as Aloe vera. It reduces the angriest of  wounds and prevents further infection and its up to us to apply it.

“Hurt people, hurt people”.

God has given us a way that will heal us and others and that way is through forgiveness. He is the author of forgiveness. Forgiveness is never easy and it always takes courage but its rewards are far better in the long run. I am sure that something good will come from this tragedy. We must forgive for we ourselves have been forgiven much also.

Prov 10:12 Hatred stirs up dissension, but love covers over all wrongs.              Prov 17: 9 Love prospers all when fault is forgiven

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  1. An outstanding story. Thanks for sharing.


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