Assisted suicide promoted by the BBC

Reblog from Christian concerns CEO Andrea Minichiello Williams.

Assisted Suicide on the BBC: a new low

The broadcast for the first time on terrestrial television of a man killing himself was a new low for our nation.

On 13 June, BBC 2 showed Peter Smedley, a motor neurone disease sufferer, taking his own life on camera at a Dignitas clinic in Switzerland. Viewers saw Peter choking and gasping for water, and the request being refused by those “helping” him to die.

The BBC has already broadcast five programmes on this subject since 2008, all portraying assisted suicide in a favourable light.

Now, on Radio 4, the BBC is running another forty-minute ‘documentary’ on 21 June at 2000. ‘A Living Death’ is billed as follows:

‘The working party will look at concerns that assessment and diagnosis of patients is not consistent across the country and will ask whether the cost of long term care is affordable to the NHSAnn Alexander examines calls for a reform of the process to end the life of such patients where their families believe their loved one would no longer wish to be alive. The programme reveals how some hospitals appear unaware of the law and hears how the process can be lengthy and costly, putting families under further strain.

Does this send a chill down your spine?

Instead of care, is killing to be an option when, in vulnerability and frailty, we have to depend on others?

It is clear what the agenda is in the BBC programmes. Hard cases and sensationalist media stories could lead to bad law and put a civilised society at risk.

There were 900 complaints to the BBC regarding the death of Peter Smedley. Thank you to all Christian Concern supporters who made complaints. Your actions count.

We must now call upon the BBC to make a programme showing the other side of the story. It could portray the immense courage and dignity of those who face illness and the care that is given to them. It could show the impact and amazing work of the hospice movement. No one in Great Britain today needs to die alone or in uncontrollable pain.

Death sends us to our eternal destiny. Heaven or hell. It is serious. The mantra of self-determination ignores God and is dangerous.

If assisted suicide becomes legal the most vulnerable in our society will be exposed and at great risk. It must be resisted.

We cry out to the Lord. Have mercy on us.


It is worrying indeed with the BBC pushing this topic on TV and now radio! The focus should be on caring for those who are terminally ill in the best possible way and pain-free. Is the NHS palliative care the best it can be?

I have already read that in the few countries where assisted suicide is legal, there is a lot of confusion and these deaths are not being monitored properly. Here lies the DANGER!! check out: on assisted suicide it makes for very interesting reading.



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