CFS and rest

CFS, Chronic fatigue Syndrome is what I have and you would think that rest is what I do too much of and that’s what it feels like. Especially compared to what I used to be able to do in a day, but not anymore. The fault lies they think with the body not having the right sleep patterns or deep sleep which is needed to recharge the bodies energy levels and body clock. So I don’t have the right amount of energy at the start of each day which leads to me using it up too quickly and this is why I get too tired or suffer payback later when I stop and collapse in a heap. I have been told to keep a diary of activities throughout the day (physical, cognitive and rest) and I have come to realise that I don’t rest properly. My idea of resting is reading, or watching tv, blogging/ facebook  but these all use my brain power and therefore still use energy. This then forces my body to run on adrenalin which is not good for everyday things or long term.

We live in a fast paced world, with much to distract us as we try to fit more and more into one day. It gives us status, worth, and makes us feel wanted. I am however on the opposite side of this trend and feel of less use because of my condition and therefore have lost confidence and place in this world. But all is not lost, we have a great energy source to plug into His name is Jesus and he waits for us daily to connect with Him. Jesus is our reason, our worth, our value and nothing this world provides us can compare.  He is our rest from a troubled world!

Psalm 23:” The lord is my shepherd I shall not want, He makes me lie down beside still waters, He restores my soul.”

Matt 11:28″Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”


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