Bad apples

You know the saying it only takes one bad apple to spoil a crop! That comes to mind to when I read that a group of anti-royalists are coming to London to protest. These protesters are not from the UK they are flying in from all over Europe. I’m sorry to ask but why are we allowing these people in to protest? They don’t live here! By all means protest in your own country but not in ours thanks.

Whether you are in favour of the Royals or not a wedding is a very special day and everyone likes a wedding, it’s a happy occasion or so it should be. This is an opportunity for communities to get together and celebrate. It’s a day for a  positive influence, I am hoping to celebrate with my young nieces and family.

May it be a day to remember for all the right reasons. Keep these bad apples away, don’t let them spoil the day. Come on Britain lets unite and celebrate its good medicine!

Prov 17: 22 A merry heart makes for good medicine

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