Super-gran, our hero!

I watched a video of a gang of thieves being reprimanded by a brave super-granny on the news. It was filmed by a witness to the crime unfolding before their eyes in broad daylight in a town in Northants Uk.  A gang on mopeds jumped off outside a corner jewellers and began smashing the window with hammers. The hero in this event was an old lady who came running towards them. She wore a heavy red wool coat, sensible shoes and a large black handbag. Without a thought she immediately knocked one of the lads around the head with her bag and he ran to his moped, and then she moved on to his accomplice totally fearless. The gang, excluding one, made off on their mopeds only to be reprimanded by the Police later.

This lady has all my admiration for her courage to step in and do something. Here we see the community spirit in action. What this old lady did was a rare thing, she thought nothing of her safety and rushed to stop a crime. Only then at that point did others join in. I’m not sure I would have had her bravery had I witnessed this, but it was good to see the community unite and help stop these thieves. Fortunately no-one got hurt. It would also be nice to see the bobby back on the beat, to help fight back as a community and I’m not talking CSO’s either.

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