My first blog

Hello, and welcome to my very own blog.ha ha

No clue as to what I’m doing, it will be a case of learn as I go. So lets go.

The road to blogging

Since I have been ill for the past year and a half with PVF (post viral fatigue) I have found myself more on the computer; my connection to the outside world. If you’re unfamiliar with this illness like I was, here it is in a nutshell. The body is hijacked into all kinds of weird and not wonderful symptoms. I often think of Men in Black 2, where they do an autopsy and find an alien inside at the controls.

So I have combined my thinking and curiosity with writing and created a blog. If nothing else at least my brain will get a work out.

Cfn Jpx


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One Response to My first blog

  1. David Hopkins says:

    Look forward to reading JP Daily!


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