The Social Media Revolution to Save Asia Bibi – Abolish Blasphemy Laws

Help save an innocent mothers life; please read

Michael A. Sherlock (Author)

72 hours remain until Asia Bibi’s final appeal to overcome her death sentence for blasphemy in Pakistan. It is imperative that people act now! You can help save this innocent woman by simply posting on social media. I know that for many this assertion sounds far-fetched, but it is a fact. A 2012 study published in the journal Nature“A 61-Million-Person Experiment in Social Influence and Political Mobilization,” tested the idea that voting behaviour can be significantly influenced by messages on Facebook.   Further, The Centre for European Studies released a publication entitled, ‘Social Media – The New Power of Political Influence’, in which the authors demonstrated the power of social media on global politics, evincing the dramatic impact of social media on the 2008 US presidential election, the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, among various other global events. Social media’s power to influence governmental decision making may also be implied…

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Fear Not!


Rather feed on God’s word! Perfect love casts out all fear!
1Jn 4:18

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Give Me Jesus

You can have all the world……just give me Jesus.

Ruth Graham “She chose Christ as her Saviour, her centre, in her home, her purpose, her example, her vision.”

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Pearls of Wisdom

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Break the silence, break the stigma: Give a #PoundForTheHound in your life

I’m sharing this because I myself suffer and many others in my family. I have looked for support and shouted for help but still many keep away. Even worse many people judge wrongly!
This is a growing problem that needs proper attention and support which is the reason I share this today.



Every family has a secret. An ingredient for the perfect bolognaise. A guilty love of Star Trek. A wardrobe with an entrance to Narnia. Occasionally, the secret is a fellow family member. Someone who’s only spoken about in hushed tones.

‘Uncle Phil? Oh dear, yes, tragic… *whispers* Arrested for stealing a vacuum cleaner.’

All too often, the source of the embarrassment is a mental health problem.

 ‘That’s right, he had a breakdown. Went completely cuckoo. His poor wife must be so embarrassed’

Such attitudes make me deeply upset. Not just because they’re entirely undeserved, but because they both cause and perpetuate suffering. Shame, for those who already feel wrongly ashamed. Isolation for those who already feel lonely. And barriers for those who already feel trapped.

So I hope we’re all agreed. Stigma is bad. Down with stigma! *Waves poms poms*

But sadly not all stigma is as easy to recognise as the bigoted words of a few…

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“Be Blessed!”


People far from God, make much of themselves

People near to God,  make much of Christ



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The Mark of a “Christian”


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The Christian


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Let Everything….

Look upwards to where your help comes from.


I was made for this!



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The Challenge

The Challenge


Keep on keeping on!


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